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BIG DUB -Glen Brown and King Tubby Lost Tapes-

Glen Brown & King Tubby
LP: 3,200 JPY
CD: 2,200 JPY

Mr. Glenmore Brown aka 'The Rhythm Master' is the first producer who credited King Tubby as an artist. This album focuses on previously unreleased dubs from lost tapes created by Glen Brown and his close associate / friend King Tubby during the heyday of 70s roots muzik. The tracks from the album feature superb Glen Brown rhythms with the likes of; “Merry Up”, “ As Long As There Is You”, “Forward The Good”, “Long Live Zion”, We All Have The Right To Live” , “Never Too Young To Learn”… name but a few! Glen Brown was prolific in recycling his rhythms to great effect by various artist's / DJ's / musicians….and with Glen occasionally singing himself or backing artists on tracks. Glen was also keen on playing instruments himself....partially the melodica / hand drums....and used the cream of the crop musicians in Jamaica for his recordings. The mixing skills of the rhythm tracks were of course in the hands of the great King Tubby’s....and to devastating effect!

We hope you enjoy our LP release of 'Big Dub'....and invite you to fully immerse yourself in the hands of Glen Brown & King Tubby’s deep world of dub!



"Pantomine" "South East" "DWYER”等のレーベルからリリースされた、シルフォード・ウォーカーやビッグ・ユースといったアーティスト達のシングルのB面に収録されていたヴァージョンのアウト・テイクである。



Side A

1 Dubs Lives

2 Big Dub Rocks

3 Prince On Dub

4 The Collie Man

5 Dub Happening

6 Hit Me Forward


Side B

1 Trouble Not Dub

2 Lets Dub

3 The Clean Dub

4 Greatest Dub

5 Good Dub


1 Dubs Lives

2 Big Dub Rocks

3 Dread Dread Dub *

4 Prince On Dub

5 The Collie Man

6 Dub Happening

7 Hit Me Forward

8 Trouble Not Dub

9 Lets Dub

10 The Clean Dub

11 Day After Dub *

12 Greatest Dub

13 Good Dub

14 Dub Special *  

15 Falling Dub *

Bonus track for CD

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