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Copy of Crucial 45s from Pirates Choice 2 NOW ON SALE

7 inch

A. Born A Freeman / Al & Freddie -B. Dirty People / Roy Richards (RSCS7-006) A Chinese Beauty / Lennie Hibbert - B. Plea My Cause / Main Roots (RSCS7-007)

A. Jah Light / Ruben Alexander - B. Jah Light Dub / Brentford Disco Set (RSCS7-008)

A. Sweet Child / Freddie McGregor - B. Instrumental / Brentford Rockers (RSCS7-009)

A. You Hold The Handle / The Conquerers - B. Black Is Black / Freedom Singers (RSCS7-010)

A. Home Ward Bound / Freddie McGregor - B. Home Ward Bound Dub / Freddie & Brentford Rockers (RSCS7-011)

10 inch

A. Door Peeper / Burning Spear & Roland Alphonso - B. All The Way / Willie Williams (RSCS10-001)

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